/2. About Us/

Zovguran was founded on July 16, 2013 by Thayol. Its original objective was to provide the best Hungarian Minecraft server avaliable at the time. Big dreams, huh?

Since then we've become larger. And even though we have given our original goal up, we continue to explore the world of programmers.
Zovguran.NET (this website) is the heart of everything web-based, for example a storage system and a classified dev login. You may never encounter these things, but the developers' blog. In the name of every developer, I can say we feel an urge to make something new, creative, and original; thus our new goal has become inventing a useful thing.

At the moment, the Zovguran developers are in a nonpermanent member system meaning that every project is invite-based, and one-time team devs might show up from time to time. The keyword is "fun".